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Information for Educators

Rotarian’s all over Oregon have a long history of supporting literacy. Once upon a time it was through the offer of dictionaries to children. I am sure you all remember the yellow dictionaries that come every year – those are from Rotarians! Beginning this year, Rotarians have taken on the task of providing the “Gift of Literacy” to our community. The Gift of Literacy is an annual award winning program that encourages a love of reading among young children. Through rich community partnerships and generous donors, every 1st grade classroom and district library in Coos County and Reedsport will receive a set of hardbound books to read to students. Each student will then choose their favorite book and they will receive them at the SWOCC event as a gift.

Program Overview

The Gift of Literacy aims to encourage first-graders to enjoy and be excited about reading and learning by:

  • Exposing them to a variety of books: Each classroom will read six engaging books
  • Empowering them with a choice: Students will choose their favorite title and receive it at a culminating celebration.
  • Connecting them with the library: Students will receive their own Public Library cards.
  • Celebrate reading and where it can take you:
    • Students will attend a culminating celebration at SWOCC on May 2, 2018
    • Students will be read to by community members and participate in a celebration.
    • Students will be introduced to the college campus and how reading can enrich and improve their lives.

First Things First

  • In most cases, your local Rotary club will deliver a classroom set of books to each first grade class.
  • An additional set will be given to each elementary school library.

What Happens Next?

  • After winter break we’ll share with you the process we will utilize to sign students up for library cards.
  • Before Spring Break students will select their favorite of the books. They will receive them at the SWOCC event.
  • Students will attend the celebration on May 2, 2018, at SWOCC

What Do First Grade Teachers Need To Do?

  • Ensure that each book is read to the students by Spring Break.
  • Assist with, as needed, the library card application process.
  • Assist with, as needed, the student book selection process.
  • Participate in the event in May.

What Does Building Leadership Need To Do?

  • Work with the project sub-committee to schedule book drop off day.
  • Work with the project sub-committee and county librarians on the library card application process.
  • Schedule and facilitate the field trip to SWOCC in May.